The Stutz Basketball Academy 2022 Summer Schedule is now out.

Once again there will be two clinics held at Oakhill Day School. The first clinic is June 6th, 7th & 8th and the second is July 18th, 19th, and 20th. You can sign up and pay by clicking on the “register” tab above.

You can also see the full Summer Skill Training schedule right here (CLICK HERE). If you have any questions please contact me (Bill), via text or feel free to call him at 816.803.9726.

FYI, there is room in some of the SBA After-School Training sessions (Mon-Thurs 3:45 & 4:45) that run until the end of May, if you want to get a jump on the summer.

Contact me (Bill) for more info.

    Stutz Basketball Academy 2022 Summer Schedule

    Tue5/319 & 10am sessionsTue7/59 & 10am sessions
    Wed6/19 & 10am sessions – 11 PrivateWed7/69 & 10am sessions – 11 Private
    Thr6/29 & 10am sessionsThr7/79 & 10am sessions
    Fri6/39 & 10am sessions – 11 PrivateFri7/89 & 10am sessions – 11 Private
    Mon6/69-11am 1st ClinicMon7/119-11am 2nd  Clinic
    Tue6/79-11am 1st ClinicTue7/129-11am 2nd  Clinic
    Wed6/89-11am 1st Clinic Wed7/139-11am 2nd  Clinic
    Thr6/99 & 10am sessionsThr7/149 & 10am sessions
    Fri6/109 & 10am sessions – 11 PrivateFri7/159 & 10am sessions – 11 Private
    Mon6/139 & 10am sessions – 11 PrivateMon7/189-11am 2nd Clinic
    Tue6/149 & 10am sessionsTue7/199-11am 2nd Clinic
    Wed6/169 & 10am sessions – 11 PrivateWed7/209-11am 2nd  Clinic 
    Thr6/179 & 10am sessionsThr7/219 & 10am sessions
    Fri6/189 & 10am sessions – 11 PrivateFri7/229 & 10am sessions – 11 Private
    Mon6/209 & 10am sessions – 11 PrivateMon7/259 & 10am sessions – 11 Private
    Tue6/219 & 10am sessionsTue8/269 & 10am sessions
    Wed6/229 & 10am sessions – 11 PrivateWed7/279 & 10am sessions – 11 Private
    Thr6/239 & 10am sessionsThr7/289 & 10am sessions
    Fri6/249 & 10am sessions – 11 PrivateFri7/299 & 10am sessions – 11 Private
    Mon6/279 & 10am sessions – 11 PrivateMon8/19 & 10am sessions – 11 Private
    Tue6/289 & 10am sessionsTue8/29 & 10am sessions
    Wed6/299 & 10am sessions – 11 PrivateWed8/39 & 10am sessions – 11 Private
    Thr6/309 & 10am sessionsThr8/49 & 10am sessions
    Fri7/19 & 10am sessions – 11 PrivateFri8/59 & 10am sessions – 11 Private

    Sat/Sun are available for private or group sessions upon request @ 816-803-9726,

    Fill out this form below to indicate which, if either, of the 3-day clinics you can attend at $80 each. Also, look at the sessions that are available and write down the date and time that your child can attend. Each session is $25 per player or $20 if you book 10+. Once completed, send it via text or email to the above addresses.

    If you want to put a group of players together, indicate that also and we can reserve those times for that Private Group. That price varies depending on the size of the group (4+ is $25 each, 3 is $30, 2 is $40). Contact me about Private Groups Sessions, please.

    If you want a private session, call or text me to make appointments. Those private sessions are $80. We have many more options, including weekends for private or private group sessions that I can’t list on this form, so please contact me to schedule those.

    NameSessions Date & Time6)12)
    Clinic #1   Yes   –   No2)8)14)
    Clinic #2   Yes   –   No3)9)15)

    Bill Stutz is the founder and head clinician of Stutz Basketball Academy. You can connect with him via social media on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube. You can also email him directly at