IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT’s TIME, for the 2nd ULTIMATE MAKERS CHALLENGE . This is a 4 week Shooting League the last 4 Sundays in April. The league will be held at Hillside Christian Church, from 6pm to 8pm and is for boys and girls of all ages. Each week the player will have 2 head-to-head contests and each contest takes about 30 minutes, so you won’t be there the entire 2 hours. Each contest will consist of 70 shots, (30 from 15 feet, including 1 off the dribble, 20 3-point shots, 10 1 Dribble “Pull Ups” from 15 feet and 10 free throws). Players can earn bonus points if they make 50% of their shots during a round. After everyone has played the other 7 players once, the top 4 will enter tournament play on that last night. #1 vs #4 and #2 vs #3. The winners of those two games will play of the UMC Championship #2. The picture with this story is the defending champ – Gavin S!

Rounds 1 and 3 are 3 shots from 5 spots – 15 feet from the basket (both corners, both wings and from straight on) the last shot from each spot is a “1-Dribble Rip Through”. Rounds 2 and 4 consist of 2 – 3’s and 1 pull up from those spots mentioned. Round 5 is 10 free throws, in which the player who is behind in the score after the first 4 rounds, will shoot their 10 shots first. During the first 4 rounds player A will shoot, then player B. A and B will be determined by a Rock/Paper/Scissors contest. The winner can choose to be either A or B.

Over the 4-week period each player will get up at least 490 shots (70 shots a game x 7 games). It’s only $60 per player. Any girl or boy, regardless of age, who currently attends the Stutz Basketball Academy, and practices from the 3 point line during their session, is eligible to participate. They can also invite a friend who has the same shooting ability. These players will have until Tuesday March 28th to sign up and hold their spot with $60 (Sounds like a good EASTER present). Other players who sign up will be put on the waiting list. ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT!

You will be allowed to miss 1 Sunday night, but a 2nd miss would be a forfeit. To make up your missed night, the player will schedule a day and time with Bill to shoot ONE GAME, (this “make-up” could be on the next Sunday night). The score from that ONE GAME will be used to determine the outcome of the two games they missed.
A Prize will be given to the MAKER who ends up winning the UMC #2. I will also keep weekly and season running stats that will be sent to one parent each week via text. I have 4 already in, so sign up soon. There will be more ULTIMATE MAKER CHALLENGES as time goes on! Get in know, if you can!
To sign up text Bill at 816.803.9726 and make arrangements for payments.