I’m very excited for what God has done and is in the process of doing with Hudson Welty. Hudson joined the Stutz Basketball Academy near the beginning of his junior year to Park Hill South. There were 5 juniors on the team and Hudson was in the middle of the pack, in regards to overall talent. By the end of his senior year, he was selected to be on the Kansas City Metro and the Missouri State High School All-Star teams. It was a lot of hard work and dedication that got Hudson there. Not only was he the first SBA athlete to get a college scholarship, which alone makes him a Pioneer, but he will be playing for Rocky Lamar at Mid-America Nazarene and they are “The Pioneers”.

This picture below was taken after on of Hudson’s 8:30am Saturday work outs with me. How many other players were on the court working out on the weekends, let getting up that early to do it. And Hudson never wasted a minute of his time on the court.

I could not be prouder of Hudson and what his life represents, as a person and a player.

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